Pokemon Go Questions

Frequently asked questions

Are the Pokemon servers down?

The servers are currently still experiencing alot of issues. Different errors can occur.

For example
Unable to authenticate. Please try again.

Pokemon Trainer Club account can have different issues than people logging in with a Google account. This means it is posible that your friend or somebody right beside you can login and play while you get the unable to authenticate error. It is a server issue, not your phone. Not much you can do about it besides changing to from a Pokemon Trainer Club account to a Google account, or the other way around. But that doenst help you much since you lose all progress, best is to just wait until the servers will be more stable.

It is also very likely the game crashes when you finally got that rare Pokemon in the Pokeball.. My advice is to wait for the Pokeball on the left top is done spinning, then close the game. If you are lucky you got it.

How do I move my avatar?

To move your avatar on the map, you need to change your location by walking in the real world. Your avatar represents your location, and as you move, you’ll see your location move on your screen. Once you start moving in the real world, you’ll be able to find Pokémon, PokéStops, and Gyms.Is it also posible to spoof your GPS and move virtually, this can be done in serveral ways on both Android and iOS.
Cheating is not recommended! Some day you will get banned.