Common Pokemon Go errors


Pokémon Go “App not installed” error
A number of people who tried installing the Pokémon Go APK on their Android devices have reported an issue with it saying, “App not installed.” This mostly happens when the APK file is corrupted or has not been downloaded properly. It’s best to not even use APKs if possible, as you run the risk of downloading malware or getting banned.

Audio is distorted
According to the official Pokémon Go troubleshooting site , if you’ve noticed the music or sound effects in the game becoming distorted or delayed, this is a known problem the developers are working to solve. The problem appears to occur mainly when users are connecting to Bluetooth audio devices.
“You already own this item” error
This is another issue unique to Android users. It appears that if you lose connectivity to the Internet while buying PokeCoins from the Pokémon Go shop, you will get an error message saying, “You already own this item.” The problem is pretty easily remedied. According to the official Pokémon Go troubleshooting site, you just need to switch off your device and then power it on again and the problem should resolve itself.

GPS issues with inaccurate location
Sometimes GPS locations may not be perfectly on point in the game, or may even appear jittery. This is a known issue the developers of the game are trying to clean up. Issues with GPS, however, will vary quite a bit from device to device. It also varies depending on how strong your GPS signal is. For optimal performance, make sure GPS/location services are enabled for the game and that you have it in high-accuracy mode.

“This item is not available in your country” error
If you know you are living in a region where the game is available and your Android device is compatible (see above) but you keep getting “The item is not available in your country” message, then you may need to check your Google Wallet settings. Make sure you’ve got your correct address listed and in the correct country. If you’re still experiencing problems, the Pokémon Go development team suggests contacting Google Play’s help or support team.

Pokémon Go Trainer Club progress resetting to level 1
This problem appears to arise when players have created more than one Pokémon Go account. If you created two accounts – for instance, one using Google and another using Pokémon Trainer Club — then you’re probably experiencing this issue. The way to resolve it is to log out of your account via the Settings menu, then log in with the first account you used and use that one exclusively.

“Cannot detect your phone’s orientation”error when switching to AR mode.
This is a problem a few of our readers recently reported. Searching the web it appears the issue could be one of two things:

Android – your phone may not have a gyroscope. If so, AR mode will not work. A few phones reporting this issue are Sony Experia, HTC 626S and all Huawei smartphones.

iOS – iPhone users with the iOS 10 beta 2 installed are also reporting problems with the phone detecting orientation for AR mode.

Battery drain
Battery drain is a known issue with Pokémon Go due to the game’s constant use of GPS signal. While the developers are working on ways to make the game less of a battery hog, for now that’s pretty much the price you pay to play a game that so heavily utilizes GPS. There are a few things you can do though that may help ease the battery drain.

· Adjust Screen Brightness
· Avoid Capturing Pokémon in AR Mode
· Turn Sound Off
· Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
· Avoid zooming in and out of the Map.